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Anthony Tilghman Bio

Anthony Tilghman, The Founder Of Anthony Tilghman Enterprises, Is A Professional And An Award-Winning Photojournalist, Educationist, Mentor And A Published Author With A Substantial Amount Of Experience In Various Industries Including Photography, Marketing And Branding. He Has A Notable And Diversified Portfolio Comprising Of Major Partnerships With Renowned Companies And Has Been Featured Photographer For Exclusive Events Including The Presidential Inauguration, Congressional Black Caucus, Grammy’s, Presidents Dinner And Academy Awards To Name A Few. His Work Has Been Featured On Various Prominent Media News-Outlets Including Black Enterprise And Washington Post Amongst Several Others. His First Published Book Was His Biography Titled ‘From Homeless To Cool’ Which Depicts The Passion And Dedication He Entails Towards His Work, While His Second Book ‘Bull The Bully’ Has Just Recently Been Published For Children On The Awareness Of Bullying. Moreover, One Of His Biggest News Stories Was Effectively Breaking The 2020 Virginia Trump Voter Intimidation Story Which Was Featured In The New York Times And Several Other Publications Around The World. He Is The Winner Of The 2020, 2021 and 2022 Dateline Awards In Local Journalism For Photography And He Has Recently Also Published his recent children’s book Titled “Black Male, Black Hoodie"" which teaches the impact the of social injustice.
He is the Executive Director of Make Smart Cool. MakeSmartCool, Inc empowers our Youth, Parents, Teachers and Community to be visionaries and advocates of effective educational methods and learning experiences. MakeSmartCool’s mission is to revolutionize how young people think about education, in addition to showing them ways to avoid dangerous pitfalls that a lack of education may cause. learn more at www.makesmart.cool
Anthony Tilghman Is A Diligent Individual Who Values Attention-To-Detail And His Committed In Reaching The Pinnacle Of Excellence In His Career While Helping Individuals Along His Journey. Learn more at www.anthonytilghman.com

Professional in his work

His career catapulted to success as he formed partnerships with major companies, including TV-One and Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce in Maryland. His professional experience continued to flourish as his attention-to-detail and his commitment to excellence led him to becoming a featured photographer for exclusive events including NY Fashion Week, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Presidents Dinner and the 2009 & 2013 Inauguration and 2013 Academy Awards. With a talent for taking photos with the utmost precision, he is now leading photography for corporate organizations and has built a strong portfolio of work that has been featured on major media news-outlets including Essence Magazine, the Washington Post, the Washington Informer, Fox-5 and More. He continues to serve high-profile clientele such as for the Cherry Blossom Festival, Passport DC And more.


Through his work, Anthony Tilghman continues to live out his dreams every day. He recently published his first children’s book Titled “Bull the Bully” which teaches the importance of Bullying and how it affects our youth. His first book is his Biography that follows his photography journey titled “from Homeless to Cool, both available on amazon. He has built his reputation on a foundation of high-quality work, leadership and results. he continues to strive for more every day. Learn More about Anthony Tilghman and see His Work at http://www.anthonytilghman.com/



Statistics show that more and more students are dropping out of school at an alarming rate. This leaves them with fewer job prospects and less chance of having a bright future they can rely on. #MakeSmartCool wants to change that. We are a non-profit organization created to teach and motivate today’s youth and show them that education matters.

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Anthony Tilghman believes in giving back to artists so he created Anthony Tilghman The Agency in 2016 to help models and actors find work and assist them in pursuing their dreams. Anthony has cast hundreds of individuals for several shows in Washington DC, for networks like Fox, TVone, And Netflix.

3. Prince George's County

Education Roundtable

Prince George’s County Education Community Roundtable is a group of Residents, Teachers, Community Leaders created to form an alliance to support education in our county. The group meets monthly to discuss issues surrounding education in our community. Together, we can find solutions and get results. on how to address these issues. Education Roundtable Profile: The Education Roundtable uses evidence-based research to address education issues within the community and implements those tools to develop solutions. Goals:

  • Meet Monthly to address Issues and work together to create solutions.
  • Give every member a voice to share ideas and together work to help solve issues.